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A new biotech spin-out, Atelerix, is offering encapsulated human cells in an alginate gel made from seaweed making them practical, adaptable and easy to store and transport, even at room temperature.

Atelerix was the first Northern Accelerator spin-out, with CEO Dr Mick McLean recruited through the project’s ‘Execs into Business’ programme.

Atelerix has a transformative technology that offers the safe storage and transport of viable cells, including stem cells and cell-based assays, at ambient temperatures, which overcomes the barriers and limitations of the current need for cryo-shipping.

This breakthrough, a patented invention, provides dramatic improvements to an everyday process in a rapidly growing market.

The shipping of cells from one location to another for clinical and research use is a widespread and everyday practice, so there are many potential commercial applications for the technology, including:

• Businesses selling cells
• Discovery and testing of new drugs
• Developing cell therapies
• Storing stem cells

Recent Tweets

Having worked together for two years as CEO and Chief Scientist, Mick and I have successfully moved the company through the stages of business planning, company set-up and product development.

Recent news

Support Received from Northern Accelerator 

‘Execs into Business’ attracts talented business leaders to the innovative commercial opportunities created and developed in the North East’s universities.

Experienced life sciences business leader Dr Mick McLean was brought in to work alongside the founder academics.

With Mick’s guidance, the company produced a viable business plan and raised seed capital investment to take the company forward.

Prof. Che Connon said: “Having worked together for two years as CEO and Chief Scientist, Mick and I have successfully moved the company through the stages of business planning, company set-up and product development.”

Going from Strength to Strength

In May 2019 Atelerix announced they’d closed a second round of funding of £700,000 to accelerate development of its products to market. The follow-on investment will be used to grow the team, increase revenues and expand the business.

Dr McLean commented: “We’re delighted with the success of this fully subscribed funding round. We’ve witnessed a lot of excitement for our products and this latest investment will allow us to grow the business faster and reach new markets.”


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