Funding boost at Northumbria to speed up disease diagnosis

Portrait of Dr Prashant Agrawal smiling in his lab

A Northumbria University academic has been awarded almost half a million pounds to develop a new process for sorting micro-nano particles which could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr Prashant Agrawal has been awarded a New Investigator grant of £470,000 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to research a new technique for […]

New portable system produces drinking water from air and sunlight

Solar2Water team stand with their prototype device at Northumbria University

Scientists at Northumbria University have developed a sustainable solution for clean drinking water, that can be deployed to rural communities and set up easily without scientific know-how. According to the United Nations, one in three people worldwide still live without access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services, a problem which is only worsening […]

Breathing new life into disease diagnosis

A child breathes into PBMHale breath analysing device

PulmoBioMed’s PBM-HALE™ New research shows 100 per cent effectiveness of an innovative breath sampling device developed by Northumbria University medtech spinout, PulmoBioMed. PBM-HALE™ is a game-changing device that could revolutionise diagnosis of a range of diseases, including COVID-19. The hand-held aerosol collecting device allows sampling of the lung in a non-invasive way – by patients […]

Northern Accelerator funding backs project to recycle CO2

Suez and Northumbria team

Carbon dioxide and water could be recycled into renewable future fuels under a system developed by experts at Northumbria University. A £50,000 award from Northern Accelerator’s pre-incorporation funding will further a collaboration between Northumbria University and SUEZ recycling and recovery. The project aims to create a safe and sustainable pipeline of carbon-based fuels made from […]