Essential elements of chemical patents

Following the success of the recent Intellectual Property awareness session, join Marks & Clerk – Intellectual Property Services, in a chemistry focussed session – Essential Elements of Chemical Patents, at 2pm-3pm on 18 March 2021. 

Whether or not you have a current interest in commercialisation, recognising Intellectual Property, and knowing how to protect it, is important to you and your university.

This session is open to chemistry academics and postgraduate researchers from Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland universities.

The session will cover:

• What type of chemical subject-matter can be patented
• Different claim types relevant for inventions ranging from material science to pharmaceuticals
• Novelty in chemistry: selection inventions and product-by process claims
• How inventive step is assessed
• The role of, and need for, data in patent applications

Register for Essential Elements of Chemical Patents by completing this short form, by noon on 12 March 2021.