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Business growth support

Our newly launched Scale Up programme offers grant funding for spin-out businesses with high growth potential, scaling up your impact on the region’s economy 

Applications are now open for our scale-up (high growth) programme, for businesses that originally spun out of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland or Teesside University. 



We’re offering grant funding up to £50,000 to support specific activities that address opportunities to scale up your business (in terms of employment and/or turnover), addressing our mission to contribute to economic development in the North East. 

We are looking to achieve a sizeable impact with this activity and, while we have not defined restrictive parameters around eligibility, applications will be assessed on the likelihood that it contributes to the key objectives of significantly increasing turnover or employment. 


For spin-out businesses that are not at the stage of seeking such significant growth, our soon to be commissioned ‘growth support for recent spin-outs’ may be a more suitable offer. 

In the first instance you should discuss the programme with the technology transfer office at the university your business spun out from. They will then provide you with the application form and guidance you need. 


You can find the Northern Accelerator lead at your university here. 

Applications must be received by 6 May 2022.

Please contact the technology transfer office at your parent university in good time to discuss and prepare your application prior to this date. 

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